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Making Merchandise

easy simple fun profitable for you.

Your very own low cost online merch store, without the hassle

No more stock ordering, handling, storage, selling,
stocktaking and under/ oversupply worries.

How it works

You get an online Merch shop with personalised merch designed with your branding.

Customers/club members purchase products and have them shipped straight to their door.

You receive 5% of the total profit of all merchandise sold, without any of the hassle!

Got an on-site event?

Great! We can also provide you a bulk purchasing option so you can maximise your return.

Merch has a lasting marketing effect on your brand. Why? The endorsement of a person wearing or using your brand and then act like a moving billboard! GOLD! They and your brand literally can go places lots of brands can’t – think supermarket line-up, toilet cues, festival lines etc.

Clever hey! On top of that it helps to bring communities together, give a sense of belonging and pride to club members and we can make your brand look super cool so you will want to wear it all the time.

MerchUs - Get Started

Get Started



Create your account, choose your MerchUs Package


Send us your branding and approve the designs


We build your own Merch-webpage to send to your crowd


Share your merch webpage and start selling

MerchUs is the solution for your community, club or festival to provide branded merch to your customers.

No more stock piling – so much money up front!
No more cash handling eftpos – or bulk ordering!
No more carting stock to – accessible to everyone, 24/7.

The Process


  • Choose a plan
  • Send a logo
  • Start selling!

We do everything else

  • Design your Merch and setup your webpage
  • Send your web-store to go live
  • Donate 5%* of the merch profit back to you
  • Annual redesign of stock for ongoing plans

* The more sales that your event makes the higher we donate back to you.

Merchus bags

What you get:

  • Professional, graphic designed merch.
  • High-quality product.
  • Custom sales webpage.
  • Direct delivery to your customer.
  • Portion of the profit.

Give your brand wings


Market Stall

$ 50

per month
12 month plan
  • An online merchandise SHOP
  • 10 branded merchandise pieces
  • CASH BACK on sales volume!!

MerchManiaMost Popular

$ 150

per month
6 or 12 month plan
  • Your online SHOP – www.[YOURBRAND]
  • 10 branded products plus 10 fun themed products
  • CASH BACK on sales volume!!

Pop-Up Merch ShopMost Requested

$ 600

flat fee
3 months
  • Webpage
  • Four theme of logo branded merch
  • Ten motivational/ pun line of Merch
  • 10% return of profit on sales

Bulk Purchases

$ quote

per purchase
Custom quotes available to:
  • Purchase bulk items from your brand’s Merchandise Shop
  • Get a quote for one customised Merchandise item
  • Talk to us about your individual needs

Real Featured Client Merch

Get Cool Upgrades

Give your brand extra PUNCH

Addition of sponsor logo/name to existing design range (per sponsor)

$50 each

Buy Now
Occasion, present, fundraiser design (per one time)

$100 each

Buy Now
Specialised design (per team, per one item)

$200 each

Buy now
New release merch range (outside of annual redesign)

$1000 each

Buy Now
Social media paid campaign

$1000 each

Buy Now

Meet Merch Us

From a regional community club (over 15 years ago!) admiring other teams’ access to street wear that represented their group, I always felt behind the eight-ball. They were so cool and I wanted some of that! MerchUs was borne!

Join the affordable and easy way to be in.

We are your back pocket professionals, on your team, to achieve your needs with merch and we care about your success in your community.

Chat with us about your Merch needs.

Sheena Lindholm